T.F.L.S. Lecture – Until Justice Rolls Down

Until Justice Rolls Down: Religion, Politics & Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” Speech 

A common sentiment in contemporary western democracies is that religion should be barred entry to the public political realm. Religion, so it goes, is best left to the private sphere. We will revisit this stance by way of an exploration of the famous “I Have a Dream” speech by the American civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr.

About the Lecturer – Dr. J.H. Valk

My research interests lie at the intersection of international relations, political theory, continental philosophy and philosophy of religion. My current research explores, with appeal to the thought of the French philosopher Paul Ricoeur, how the understanding of religion colours the conceptualization of the international as a realm of activity poetically delineated according to characteristics of desirability and undesirability, and of possibility and impossibility, within which the activities of international politics unfold. I am also engaged in research on the question of how democratic political community might be understood in light of the lived experience of pluralism in late modernity, particularly with respect to the so-called resurgence of religion.


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